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Just wondering if anybody has any ideas:
My 2001 Golf GLS has been giving me some grief. I just hit 61000 KM and I'm starting to have issues. My coolant has dropped below min again the light came on today, I've been monitoring it and just filled it up 2 weeks ago, so I filled it up again today. I'm starting to lose OIL - maybe a liter and a half over those 2 weeks. Also I had a check engine light come on a month ago, and when I took it to the dealership they said cylinder 4 had misfired, I changed the sparkplugs and noticed that the sparkplugs from 1-3 were not that bad, but the one in 4 was cooked. From what I can tell, I'm not burning it out the back. No residue on my bumper, but then again it's winter and its tough to tell. But definately no black/blue smoke when I'm driving during the day.
Any ideas?
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