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Re: header broke?/downpipe/cat replacement? (tbirdsc)

quote:[HR][/HR]It looks like I have a crack in the exhaust header - although it doesn't sound like it's leaking, and it hasn't got any bigger.[HR][/HR]​
So why change it if it's not leaking? BTW, R U talking about a header or the OE dual outlet downpipe?
quote:[HR][/HR]I also need to replace the flex pipe and the cat (it's hollow)[HR][/HR]​
Again, if it's not leaking, why swap it out? Ditto for the cat... unless you will soon be subject to emissions testing.
quote:[HR][/HR]Where's a good place to get these parts? I can only imagine what the stealer charges[HR][/HR]​
If it's the flex joint on the OE downpipe, https://www.techtonicstuning.com/indexs.html has a repair kit, but it's only for the Scirocco 16v downpipe...and it's $140 ! That's not that much less $ than a new downpipe. Plus, I'm not sure if that can be used on a Passat. If it's a true header, the only thing I can think of is contact the mfg to see if they supply such a part. Either way, I'd stay away from the dealership due to much higher costs.
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