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So what did you do?
got in Friday around 9:30am
-went to south congress café
-walked around south congress for a bit
-went to Docs for a beer
-walked across bridge and along river
-went to rainy street and had lunch at bangers
-went to Austin beerworks
-got a beer at hops and grain
-checked in hotel and had dinner at Burnetts (sp?)

-went to qualifying, walked around entire track, drank lots of beer, ate tons of mediocre food. watched t-swift lip sync for a bit. Loved the venue, loved the track, loved the classics and the porsches.

-went to race, walked around track, drank lots of beer, ate tons of mediocre food.
-went back to soco to show the in-laws
-went downtown to the capitol and 6th street

-drove out to Arc De Texas (incredible views), good wine
-drove to Texas Hills Winery
-Drove to Johnson City and had lunch at East Main Grill

All in all I would have liked to go to more parks in Austin, ate more tex-mex and BBQ, but the fam wanted to get out and see the countryside which ended up being one of the best things we did. The downtown area of Austin was really really nice, but the second you got out of downtown it was pretty run down. I was really surprised by this. Everything was overgrown and not well maintained. I wouldn't mind going back to a race, but not sure Austin would be my destination.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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