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Headlight switch problem

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here's the deal, when i turn my headlight switch on (93 corrado, newer style switch) the switch clicks on, but the lights don't turn on unless i push the switch hard, at which point the lights go on.
so i figure, no problem, i'll just open up the switch and clean the contacts. sure enough, they were pretty dirty, so i cleaned them with some kleenex, but it didnt' fix much. i have canadian daytime running lights, so they should be on all the time, but they're not since this little incodent.
any tips? thanks
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Re: Headlight switch problem (CageyBee)

try using contact cleaner...
Re: Headlight switch problem (CageyBee)

Or try using a rubber eraser off a pencil. That works as well...
Re: Headlight switch problem (CageyBee)

I had the same exact problem with my headlight switch.
Over about 3 months, it went from having to push the switch hard to get the lights on to the point where the lights would flicker if I hit the smallest bump and some times shut off.
I took the switch apart and cleaned it too, without much success. The second time I was cleaning the switch, I broke it - snapped one of the contacts off. (oops!) So be careful. After that, I was driving around with jumper wires sticking out of the hole where the switch was - I'd just jump the plug to ge the lights on. Then, I tried a generic switch from radioshack. It overheated and melted (Driving home one night and noticed a funny smell. . . Then I noticed the smoke coming out of my dash.) Funny thing too since it was a pretty high-current switch.
In the end, after a couple more months of monkey business, I bought a switch off of someone's parts car, and I've been happy ever since. Except now my instrument lights don't work. I think I fried them when I was jumping the headlights one day.
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Re: Headlight switch problem (SaabFan)

Guess who's still asking about his battery drain problem.....thats right pinoyG60 the same guy we tried to help yesterday??????
I just reitereated what you had/I suggested....lets see if he gets the hint this time.
Re: Headlight switch problem (TexasCorradoG60)

hrm, so clean with a pencil eraser/contact cleaner? will this work?
i think it may be something in the mechanics of the switch itself...
any takers?
Re: Headlight switch problem (CageyBee)

Danny, give it a shot with either contact cleaner or an eraser, but my guess is that your switch is slowly dying like mine was. Time to start looking for a replacement before it completely goes.
(PS - I think the problem is just metal fatigue - in mine, one set of contacts wasn't making contact very well, cause it was slightly bent from repeated use. When I *very gently* tried to bend it in to shape, it just sorta quietly broke off in my hand.)
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