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I'm changing an A3 Jetta from a GTI two filament aftermarket headlight setup back to the OEM single bulb hi/lo setup. I have aftermarket connectors to go back to the single bulb setup on the OEM headlight assembly. Does anyone with the OEM connectors know or can check the way that the three wires are arranged in the connector? Looking at the plug in side of the connector with the clip/flat to the bottom, which is ground for example?
According to the Bentley, the left lo beam is white/black to connector 2/56b, the left hi beam is yellow black to 1/56a and the ground is brown to 3/31. Great, outstanding, enlightening.... but nothing is marked. I assume that the OEM connector was marked? This is my first non MK1 so maybe I'm wrong but I would think that a terminal reference should be somewhere and the only part I don't have to look at is the OEM connector.
I have the front end torn apart, the harness unwrapped, ready to wire, etc, any clues would be appreciated.
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