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I have a Chip and TT catback, everything else stock (including DV)
I am drinving home this evening it's pretty cool out (50's) and I am on my last few miles to my house (after driving it pretty hard on the highway) I go from 3rd gear at about 2500-2700 RPMs to WOT, when the turbo is first spooling I hear a strange sucking/slight wistle coming from the middle of the engine bay (not the turbo) after doing this about 3-4 times the noise persists. This noise didn't occur in 1st or 2nd gear.
After pulling in my driveway and letting the car cool down I hear a what almost sounds the the heater blowing (I don't have the heat or fan on) I hear a slight ticking noise in about the middle of the engine. I rev the engine slowly and at about 2500 RPM I hear what sounds like water draining, I do it 3-4 more times with the same noises ?? I have never hear any of the noises before tonight. could anyone shine some light on what any of these symptoms may be? Thanks ! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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