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Heat / AC question

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Ever since I got my 01 jetta, I noticed that even when I had the fan/vent turned off, hot or cold air (depending on the temp setting) would still come through the vents. I find it very annoying since I obviously don't want heat when I have the switch in the off position. I also noticed that when I hit the recirculate air button, the air stops coming through the main vents. Is this normal?
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Re: Heat / AC question (landrumdh)

quote:[HR][/HR]If you don't want air hit the re-circulation button b/c it blocks off the outside air intake.[HR][/HR]​
But don't drive like this for too long. Recirculation runs the incabin back through the system repeatedly instead of outside air. As it does this, it removes some of the oxygen from the air. After a long period of time, you'll be breathing reduced oxygen air. People have passed out driving like this for extended periods. Most manuals advise against keeping recirc on longer than necessary to either heat or cool the cabin.
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