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Heat / AC question

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Ever since I got my 01 jetta, I noticed that even when I had the fan/vent turned off, hot or cold air (depending on the temp setting) would still come through the vents. I find it very annoying since I obviously don't want heat when I have the switch in the off position. I also noticed that when I hit the recirculate air button, the air stops coming through the main vents. Is this normal?
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Re: Heat / AC question (Jwile)

quote:[HR][/HR]i thought if you have recirc on your a/c is on also...right?
anyway to stop the heat from coming in from under the dash while driving..i get toasty sometimes driving with the windows up[HR][/HR]​
The AC is only on when the little green "AC" light is on. Any other time, it's off.
Also, I had the same problem with the engine heat. So I put the fan on "1", adjust the temp accordingly, and drive like that, even with the windows open. That stops the heat from coming up from the bottom of the dash.
Re: Heat / AC question (Jwile)

quote:[HR][/HR]WOw , your the best . I got a straight answer on the first reply.. A big thanks and cheers
to you my friend. I owned a grand prix before and when the recirc was on the ac compressor runed on also . so i thought it was the same[HR][/HR]​
Well thanks. Glad I could help.

Also, the Grand Prix doesn't have a separate recirc button like the VWs do. Most American cars don't. It only seems that Japanese and German cars know how to lay out climate control systems. Now, there's a shock, something dumb on American cars...
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