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Heat / AC question

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Ever since I got my 01 jetta, I noticed that even when I had the fan/vent turned off, hot or cold air (depending on the temp setting) would still come through the vents. I find it very annoying since I obviously don't want heat when I have the switch in the off position. I also noticed that when I hit the recirculate air button, the air stops coming through the main vents. Is this normal?
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Re: Heat / AC question (landrumdh)

Its been awhile since the topic was made but i got my car a few months ago , and this is annoying..i thought if you have recirc on your a/c is on also...right?
anyway to stop the heat from coming in from under the dash while driving..i get toasty sometimes driving with the windows up
Re: Heat / AC question (CoolWhiteJetta1.8T)

WOw , your the best . I got a straight answer on the first reply.. A big thanks and cheers
to you my friend. My girlfriend thanks you also cause she hated the heat problem.
Good info on the ac light . I owned a grand prix before and when the recirc was on the ac compressor runed on also . so i thought it was the same
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