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22 Tiguan SE R Line
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I have done some searching and unfortunately couldn't find the answer in the forums, hopefully I haven't missed anything.

I want to install the helix sub in a 22' tiguan ( non fender system / non 4motion )

I know the current Helix is more or less designed for >2020 year because of the head unit in the newer cars.
I called dealership yesterday and said it IS possible to install helix in 22 but it was a slightly different install process. In fact he even said he's sold multiple subs to people with 22' VW including tiguans with no calls back about not being able to install.

First question, Has anyone successfully done this with the newer head units?
Second, Do I still install the wire harness to the "stereo" in the glove box or straight to the head unit?
This video seems to have new head unit and he still installs to the "radio" in the glove box...
(unfortunately this is in German)

Anyway, post up of you have done this or have any insight,

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