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hella magic colours "smoked" taillights

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anyone who has these been pulled over for them? just got them on my car and i know they aren't legal because they aren't DOT approved....just wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with this.
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Re: hella magic colours "smoked" taillights (NJTDI)

i went thru a bunch of "tail phases" i had the stock smoked GTI tails, and I blacked them out ....which I DID get pulled over for one time ... then I got red smoke red hella magic colour tails, and yanked the inner housing that made it flash amber....which in turn made them flash pink (kinda neat)
anyways, I put in red bulbs....like he said, dont worry if u have what he specified
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Re: hella magic colours "smoked" taillights (HIDGolf)

yeah they do flash amber....the housing inside is a flourescent green, and somehow makes that flash amber....I just took some wire cutters, and other tools and worked a while on clearing it out, then just put in red bulbs....i kinda noticed that the top segment of the tails looked a little 'amber' or 'pin' as opposed to the red lense on the bottom segment, after i took out the housing and put in a red bulb the top looked a bit more red
Re: hella magic colours "smoked" taillights (HIDGolf)

i just took out the inner plastic housing inside the tails that make it flash amber....then it flashed pink....i put in a red blub....now it flashes red.
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