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HELLO!!! PA VWUB'ers, where are you???

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There's got to be some "of age" vwub'ers who want to be in the
Guinness Book of Record for the largest toast, with Guinness Beer.
Who's Comming????
TONIGHT!!! - Coakley's Pub - New Cumberland, PA 11:00PM.
If I don't hear from from at least one PA vwdub'er I'm bailing on the
event, buying a Honda and toasting with the other import folks. I
know they like to get together.
Come on don't make me buy a Honda.
Old Post:
PA G2G for the Guiness Toast this Friday w/Club H2O PA Rep:
Calling all 21+ Central PA'ers and others interested in Driving to Central PA. I'm a HUGE Guinness Fan, "it makes you stronger", and I'm planning on doing the Guinness toast somewhere in central PA this Friday the 30th at 11:00PM.
Who wants to go with me?
This will be the first (informal & not mandatory because of the 21+ requirement) PA Club H2O G2G.
I will pick a place based on location of those interested in attending.
Now I am not promoting drinking and driving so drink responsibly (bring the girlfriend or wife to drive you home, I am).
The toast is at 11:00 PM, but I will find a place to park our cars earlier for some "lot looking" and then head over to the bar we choose.
Possible Pubs (those coming please make suggestions):
Flapjacks Pub - Dillsburg, PA
Guido McNeil’s - Middletown
Cokley's - New Cumberland
Elephant & Castle - New Cumberland
Malley's - Colonial Park area
Lancaster? (If there are more folks willing to attend from this area)
I will make a Pub choice on Thursday so let me know who's coming for sure.
Guinness - "Beware of the dark side Luke"
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Re: HELLO!!! PA VWUB'ers, where are you??? (Herbert_J)

Sorry I couldn't make it. I'd be into a Central PA GTG sometime,maybe when my car arrives! I got up to the Giant in Mechanicsburg one Friday night and it seemed to have potential. My friend was feeling kinda ill and we didn't fit in too well with the 84 jetta and no visors or polar fleece tech vests so we bolted. I'm sure there's alot of central PA vortexers lurking out there! Oh well, here's to Guinness
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Re: HELLO!!! PA VWUB'ers, where are you??? (Herbert_J)

Man dude don't do that. Stay out of that HunDuh dealer. He is the devil incarnate. It is never bad enough to buy a HunDuh. I wish I could have made it out your way. Too far to drive after a couple of Stout's.
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