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HI my Name is Doug I came here in need.

I have purchased a 88 GTI with an 034 Motorsport IC ECU installed with a bad engine. It had some major engine damage to piston #2. I installed a 9A Passat 2l in it and have it running again. It idles OK but doesn't take fuel well. It has the crank 60-2 wheel on the front and the Hall sensor with wasted spark ign. (that took some time to figure out) BBM fuel rail and G60 Corrado injectors and mild cam set, Headers, NA engine.

I have searched the internet far and wide to find some more info or help for this ecu. Its old and not well supported any longer. I tried to start the car on the tune that was installed in the ECU with the car but that was a waste of time. It seems so far off. So I found the download page on 034 and found the LarzrallytuneABA and the car runs now although I am not sure the fuel timing is correct in that file. I have played around with that tune and modified it the way I think the fuel timing should be but it makes very little difference.

I am hoping that someone may have a baseline tune I can work from that is correct for the 16v engine as I am a little over my head starting from scratch. So If anyone as something in the archives I would appreciate it a bunch.

Thanks for checking this out!

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