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Hello Can anyone help me out. I have searched the internet far and wide.

I tried to post this before so sorry if this is a double post. I submitted it but it disappeared.

I purchased a 88 GTI that had a bad engine in it. It was using a 034EFI Ic ecu without the updated firmware. I replaced the engine with a 9a Passat 16v 2.0L. it has the 268 cams and a header, wasted spark,
60-2 crank wheel with Hall effect sensor. It also has BBM fuel rail with Dark Green Corrado injectors.

I have the engine running but only idles well and doesn't take fuel above 4k rpm well. I have not driven it yet just running in the driveway. The engine that I removed was also a 9a Passat engine but had major damage to cylinder 2. The tune that was in the ECU would not run the car at all and I'm not sure how they ran it. I got an old file from the 034 Motorsports site LarzRallyABA file and got the engine running. The fuel timing seems strange to me on that tune and I have modified it with not much change in performance.

I am hoping that someone may have a 16v tune I could have to load in and get going on modifying. I don't want to start from scratch as I am not the good at this.

Can someone send me a .set file for a 16v 9A engine or similar? Please.

I like all kinds of cars :)
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