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Help! 87 GLI 8V ???

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Just bought a 1.8 8v long block from a guy who claims it was out of an 87 Jetta GLI. From what I was able to glean from a number of sources (some contradictory), the GLI was available in both a 16v and an 8v this year, with the 8v being the 102hp "RD" engine with 10:1 compression. I also understand this engine has CIS-E. I was wondering if anyone knows a definitive way to tell if this is the RD engine (serial numbers, things specific to CIS-E, etc). Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Help! 87 GLI 8V ??? (emohn)

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Re: Help! 87 GLI 8V ??? (emohn)

RD is stamped on the engine block. If it's CIS-E, it's a GLI. (If it's an original block)

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Re: Help! 87 GLI 8V ??? (gearhead455)

The code should be stamped on a flat area at the top of the block basically under where the coolant flange is/would be, above the oil filter mount.
Re: Help! 87 GLI 8V ??? (SeattleGLI)

it is stamped on the block.

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