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help 89 gti wont start

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ok so i picked up a 89 golf gti 1.8 16v 5spd. so i got the car today and was driving it around no problems. i started swapping the wheels from my other golf to this one and steering wheels radio and what not. now i swapped the rear wheels steering wheel and shift knob only and could get a jack under the front of the car to change the front wheels <cars lowered > i go to start it to pull onto a few 2x4's to lift it a little and it wont start??? checked spark and fuel and i dont get either if i jump the fuel pump relay itll turn on but even still with a new relay wont kick on. also i know i have a good coil cause it gets power and has a good ohm reading. someone please help me out im so used to 8v's but this is all new to me.
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Re: help 89 gti wont start (89gl4door)

If you have a digi car check the digi relay, if its bad you get no spark or fuel to your car.
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