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HELP _+_ Bleedin' Brakes !!!!!

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HEY all,
I just threw on a set of mintex reds' on my car and in the process I removed my calipers to paint them. When I reinstalled everything and went to bleed the brakes I got all the air out of the lines and got a firm pedal, but when I turned the key over I would loose all pressure in the pedal?????
Is there a special way to bleed our brakes????????
this is the method that I was using was as follows:
1. tighten all bleed screws
2. starting with the fronts pump the pedal till its firm and then with the pedal depress to the floor open the bleed screw
3. step 2 was repeated on each caliper until only fluid flowed out of the bleed hose hense no air
ALSO I have tried to bleed the rears with the ignition turned over so the ABS pump would run but still no success

anytakers on the subject
I am in desprite need of help
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Re: HELP _+_ Bleedin' Brakes !!!!! (richyrich212t)

How did you compress the rear pistons to put in the new pads?
Also moving this to the braking forum, 1.8t is for engine specific stuff only.
Re: HELP _+_ Bleedin' Brakes !!!!! (richyrich212t)

two person brake bleeding
MC full with fresh fluid
Wheel guy - helper (pressing pedal)
box wrench for bleed screw
clear tubing, sized to bleed screw
jar to catch fluid
wrench on bleed screw - tube on bleed screw to jar
Wheel guy issues command to helper "press"
helper presses and holds brake pedal
wheel guy opens the bleed screw - watching for air bubbles and fluid flowing out.
wheel guy closes bleed screw
wheel guy issues command to helper "release"
helper released the brake pedal
repeat above for each wheel until no more air bubbles
make certain to keep MC full
wheel sequence - passenger rear, drivers rear, passenger front, drivers front
I use Castrol LMA (dot 4) fluid, about $6/quart
fat biker
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