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Help...AC just stopped....New car

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Only 6k on my jetta...and now for some reason the fan works but the ac wont come on....no cold air..is their a fuse or anything I can do to get me by until I hit the dealer?
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Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (evanb)

damn it's february and you're using AC?

sorry can't help, maybe it's something with the compressor, since the fan is working. good luck though http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (evanb)

Happened to me one time and after I shut off the car and restarted it worked again. Hasn't happened since (about 10000 miles). Either way you are still under warranty, so have it checked.
Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (BGJETTA)

My AC compressor was bad when I had only 200 miles on the car, it was defective. But mine also made a horrible sound and it was not good to drive around like that. So the dealer took care of it.. just upsetting on a brand new car but when it's defective, you can't do much about it. Do you hear anything unusual from the engine at idle and slightly above idle?
Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (VW-izR)

When brand new, my 2000 Golf GLS 2.0L had only 10 miles on it and the A/C didn't work from the beginning. It only got cold during high speed cruising, but spewed out hot air while at rest at a stoplight or driving slowly. I took it back to the dealer and they said a computer had to be reset.
Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (radgolf)

Mine had a bad AC compressor that they replaced. Car was brand new.
Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (evanb)

Could have a broken belt to the compressor. In any case, it's under warranty.
Re: Help...AC just stopped....New car (BostonMk4)

bad compressor here also....at first mechanic thought it was a blown fuse, but after it was changed the a/c would work...the fuse would keep blowing out again after turning the a/c off and on again...found out bad compressor caused this
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