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HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........

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I was driving down the highway and I tried stepping on the gas and all my car did was rev. I just got done looking underneath of the car, and it appears that transmission fluid is leaking out of the bell housing. What does this mean? I'm almost positive that it's the clutch. So here's my question. What clutch should I get?? What is the advantages of each?? Anything that I should know about?? Thanks in advance.

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Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (k2bum)

Someone has to know something. Come'on help me out.
Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (k2bum)

sounds to me to be a bit more then a burned up clutch.My clutch was shot and i had no leaking fluid. It just revved like heck and no gripp from clutch.

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Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (ventorider)

ugh........that's what I'm afraid of. Could it be the bell housing seal? Or maybe I threw a rod?
Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (k2bum)

maybe you broke the differential and put it through the trans case. I heard of this happening.Did you inspect the trans for holes?

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Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (ventorider)

I can't get under under my car since it's lowered. I can't realy see any evident holes from just peaking under. I'm towing it to one of my friends car garage's, and we are gonna yank it apart and see what happened.
If it is just the clutch, and maybe a bad housing seal, what clutch would you guys reccomend replacing it with?
Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (k2bum)

You got oil or trans fluid all over your clutch from either a blown seal in the engine or tranny or the dreaded diff rivet wearing a hole in the case. You won't know till you pull tranny. If you let the engine rev a bunch, and got smoke you probably warped the flyweel too. You'll need new clutch, turn flywheel. When you do clutch job don't do it half vast. Change trans input, clutch throw out rod and engine main seal, and clutch throw out rod bushing and TO bearing. Put in new bolts from clutch to crankshaft since the're stretch bolts one time use you'll need 6. You can drive the clutch throw out rod bush and seal out from the TO bearing end, take off the end plate (if you have to poke a hole in in the green plate you'll need one of those ), take bushing down to Home Depot and get a wooden dowel the same size as the outer edge of bushing and it will drive it right out. You drive it back in till seal driver (comes with seal) is flush with end of tranny input shaft.
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Re: HELP!! Clutch went up in smoke........ (spitpilot)

congrats, you just blew your tranny and your clutch is toast. your clutch is slipping because fluid got on it, your spider gear or something punched through your bell housing so now you have a nice little hole. that sucks man, happened to me once with my old 2.0. start looking for good tranny deals.
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