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HELP! Crank but no start...

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Hey everyone,
I need some help here. I just got done doing the timing belt, water pump, belts, valve cover gasket, plugs & wires, and the 034EFI injector kit on my 1990 Coupe Quattro.
Well, I got everything back together and went to start it. The engine cranked fine. I have plenty of fuel, and the timing makrs and everything are all correct. But for some reason I am not getting any spark at all from the coil. I tested the current flowing into the coil and there is power going into the coil but no spark coming out. I tested everything and found a slight crack in the back of the coil so I assumed that the cause of the no spark was the coil. So I replaced the coil today and tested and it is STILL getting no spark. I tried using the old coil wire but nothing still.
Does anyone have any suggestions on anything I may be missing. I have double and triple checked all of the connectors I unplugged and don't see anything not plugged in. Are there any fuses or relays that aid in controlling spark that I am missing, or any other ideas. Even if the timing was off I should still get some spark, just not at the proper time. This is making no sense to me.

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Re: HELP! Crank but no start... (CQinMD)

Did you try to run the diagnostics from your OBD? http://www.20v.org explains how to buils the tool from LED. The codes are in Bentley (if you don't have Bentley, just google them). There is a chance that your distributor hall sensor might be out of alingment. Take the distributor lid of, and line up the mark on the cover with mark on distributor body. All these marks have to line up when the marks on your pullys are set to TDC. If the ECU doesn't receive the signal from the distributor hall sender at the right moment, it will not fire.
Re: HELP! Crank but no start... (petrhejl)

The hall sender (distributor) and crank reference pin have to trigger at the exact same time, so if the distributor timing is off by even a little, you will have no spark. The proper timing/rotor alignment procedure is detailed in the Bentley. Another possible option is that the hall sender picked right now to fail on you. Also, be sure to check the plugs themselves for good contact where they meet the coil and hall sender. Those little bastards have caused a few head-scratchers around here.
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