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HELP!! DCOE 40s on 1.8 gti engine jetting and setup

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Hi all, I have put a PB 1.8 gti engine in my golf and it is running like a dog!! It had a set of Weber DCOE 40s fitted to it before I bought it and a stainless exhaust came with it.
I have had the carbs apart, stripped and ultrasonic cleaned them and it made it run a little better but still coughs and splutters like a b****.
How would you suggest to set up the carbs and which jets, venturis and needle valve should I use?

Any help would be great as I need it running pronto

Kind regards

Will Butler
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Hi, I am running dual 40DCOEs in my 98 Jetta. Heres what I can tell you about setting the carbs up.
#1 There are 4 or 5 books about weber carbs. Buy them all and study them. These carbs are are very subtle and you need to understand how they work before you start working on them.
#2 Buy and install a wideband air fuel mixture gauge. Tho 14.7 is said to be the desired A/F mixture, You will find 12.5 to 13.5 is what works best.
#3 Buy a good selection of jets from what you learned from the books.
#4 Go, if youre like me, in 3 or 4 months you will have them tuned.
The Chinese jets work fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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