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Hi all,

I am currently doing Targa Newfoundland in a 2000 GTI 2.0 8V turbo. I won't get into it but we had to change out our "built" motor halfway across Canada and change it with a scrap yard engine.

If that was not bad enough we are having another major issue.

The car runs great until you get off and back on the gas. Starting from start or rolling the car pulls super strong right into peak boost. Not a hiccup. The moment you let the gas off or switch gears and get back on it, it leans out and hesitates. Might be for a.5 second or as much as 4. Then it gets control, the A/F drops back to normal and the car pulls super strong until you let off. It does not matter what gear, speed, or boost. If we turn the boost back, say to 10 or so (vs 16) it is not quite as bad but still happens.

What we have tried so far.

Welded a bung, connected the factory O2 again
Replaced the mass airflow sensor
New fuel pressure regulator
By-passing the walbrough pump
Moving the gas filter in front of the walbrough so it is pushing through rather than pulling
Cleaning the factory pump screen
Bring the fuel pressure up and down
Installed the standard bosh diverter valve
Had the throttle position relearned by a VAGCOM at a VW dealer. Still only reading 77% on full throttle. According to the dealer this is fine. At this point I honestly have no idea if this is correct or not.
Removing the diverter valve. Much lower peak boost but the same deal

Removing the vacuum line from the fuel regulator and setting the base pressure to 60. Much much worse.
Brought he base pressure to 60 psi with the vacuum line connected. Flooded like crazy.
Moved the fuel pressure gauge into the cab and watched the pressure. It did not appear to drop more than it should and certainly climbed to the proper pressure based on the current boost.

We have talked to everyone we can find here in NL. Everyone is at a lost. Clay at CTS helped as much as he could over the phone but ran out of ideas until we get back home and can log what is going on. Sending the ECU back is obviously not a option at this stage. I really am hoping it is not a programming issue. Speaking of which it is nothing special. The standard tune that comes with Kinectic's MKIV AEG turbo kit. As far as I am aware it usually runs great.

No check engine light or codes. We are running a basic data logger. According to it, the ECU thinks everything is normal.

If would be more than appreciated if anyone can shine some light on this. We did the opening stage today. Being so tight you are consistently on and off the gas. By the time it finally kicked in we had to brake again for the next corner. It was more than painful not to mention we are expecting the engine to self destruct at any moment.

The parts

Engine nothing other than a cam and thick head gasket
Turbo GT30
Green top injectors
Greddy spec B controller
Tial wastegate
Walbrough pump

Please please help!

Desperate and needing sleep in Newfoundland
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