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Help! friday 12.35 am

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throttle cable busted on my way home. Stranded at Gold*somethingoranother* Apts on Murray Blvd just north of Walker. Got a friend with a truck but no rope. If you got a rope or throttle cable for a rabbit, you're invited to help me out... just walked a ways for phone and computer, on my way back now to try and fix or tow so i won't be able to respond back...
thanks to anyone that can help out!
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Re: Help! friday 12.35 am (PDX Cabby)

well... i managed to get it taken car of... ramped the idle up to 3000 rpm and that got me to a secure location... now i gotta figure out a way to fix this POS
http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
thanks all
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Re: Help! friday 12.35 am (PDX Cabby)

hahah damn issac its 2:15 now if i would ahev seen this post earlier i would have tryed to help you bro...sorry
Re: Help! friday 12.35 am (XXX Vento)

ya for real...i was making my way from beaverton to my place at around 2am - you had my cell phone # smart guy!
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