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Help!! Fuel Guage Has Mind of its Own

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My fuel guage is going
! Ever since the day my first coilpack failed, the fuel guage has been acting weird.
Everytime when I start my car, the following will randomly occur:
1. The fuel guage needle will move and show the correct amt of fuel I have (I can usually tell because I reset my trip odometer a full tank usually get me 300 miles)
2. The needle will move to show the correct amt of fuel, and then after a couple of minute, act as if it's falling asleep and drop rapidly back to EMPTY.
3. This just happened yesterday: I have about 1/8 of the tank left, when I started the car, the fuel guage needle went all the way to the middle, and then stopped. I know for a fact I don't have that much gas!!!

Anybody has any experience? My car is still under warranty so it's going to the dealership tomorrow. But when I called them and describe the problem, they said they've never heard of it before?!

I want to go in as educated as I could, and I have to get this fix because I'm going to make the 2200 miles round trip to waterfest this thursday!!
Anybody has any thoughts?
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Re: Help!! Fuel Guage Has Mind of its Own (aspw)

sounds like a sender to me
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