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Help getting on my feet. Show car style.

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Over this past winter I purchased my first corrado. I have wanted a corrado since I was 16. I'm now 21 and in college. I consider my self lucky to have this great car since a lot of people can't afford one until they are much older yet do some mods. The corrado is a vr6 1993 red. Perfect condition. I can't wait to drive it in april. I will only be driving this car in the summer months. Living in Michigan the winter is very bad for our cars. Sucks only beening albe to drive it 6 months out of the year.
To the point now. This summer I want to attend many car shows and have my car entered. I usually attend a show in the u.p. and chigaco area once a year. But I have never entered a car.
Question 1.
What is the process to enter your car into show?
Can you win money for best of show?
Any shows in Michigan or near by area?
Questions 2
In the future I would like to get a sponsorship. I'm going to the track this summer to get stock 1/4 mile times. I have taken hundreds of pictures of my car as it is now. As I add mods i'm going to take more. I'm working a scrap book of every detail that I have done since I bought it. I hope this will show that i'm serious for who wants to sponsor me
1. Any one know of any companies looking for a sponorship.
2. How do you obtain sponorship?
3. Any ideas to consider?
Question 3.
You must think i'm crazy for doings this but any comments are welcome.
Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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Re: Help getting on my feet. Show car style. (martman45)

Any one?
Re: Help getting on my feet. Show car style. (martman45)

I think it will be hard to find a sponsor. Unless you spend 100,000 or more on your car....
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