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Help!!! High Oil Temps!!!

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According to my MFA, my oil temp tonight was up to 242 degrees F when I was just crusing around. The ambient is only 54 degrees F outside too! I was freaking out and even put on the air conditioning to trigger the electric fan, which brought down temps to around 234 or so. What is going on?????? I have only driven about 500 miles since my last oil change, and this car is not driven that hard. It does appear to be leaking some oil, but I don't think it is a very significant amount. The only change I have made to the car is adding that dipstick guide (the orange one) that was previously missing. The car is a well maintained 92 with the 16V and about 101,000 miles. HELP!!!!
I almost forgot, it was raining outside, if that helps. Also, everything under the hood is original, as in waterpump, oilpump, etc.

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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (3WheelGTi)

water temp high too?
if the water pump belt was slipping it wouldn't be pumping the water around as well and cooling things as efficiently etc, or it could be something completely different. i really can't tell u for sure, however that's one idea for you.
Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (The_Hamster)

Okay I saw an oil temperature of 276 one week ago, before I fixed my cooling fan[due to a loose ground], the red buzzer came on, I turned off the car, and slowly ever so slowly walked away from the vehicle to let it cool down. Doesnt see over 220 now
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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (Blitz16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]Okay I saw an oil temperature of 276 one week ago...*snip*[HR][/HR]​
Yow, 276?? Hope you're running synthetic...
I'd check to make sure your fan is coming on (check the connections on the thermoswitch and the relay), and also check your belts like Hamster said...also, different types/grades of oil have made my car run hotter/cooler. Mobil1 reduces oil temp ~10 deg. avg. over Chevron Delo (non-synth).
Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (SeattleGLI)

On mine, although a VR6, the low speed part of the fan motor burned up. So now the temp gets up to like 245-250 before the super fan comes on and cools it down a little. So i need a new fan motor which is going to be $330!
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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (8vGTI)

Try running a heavier weight oil, 10w40 at least,
also Wahler carries low temperature fan switches as well as low temperature
thermostat . . . and by the way, check out my DIY mod: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=163391
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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (jazz_worthing)

yeah I am running synthetic the fan wasn't coming on which I attributed to a loose ground, all is well now.
Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (Blitz16v)

loose ground...great idea. i'll change that next time i'm home. too bad my clutch cable just snapped this afternoon...
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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (3WheelGTi)

your sensor could have crapped out. For the ambient temps we're having tonight you should not get anywhere near that hot.
on a hot summer day running at 80+ for while on the highway this was all I could get up to:
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Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (16v)

yeah those are the temps i was running in the summer too. i'm a little concerned about this, but i'm thinking that a low temp fan switch will help along with checking all my grounds. i even tried switching on the A/C, which should have turned on the fan, but did not. i'm guessing that it is a fan problem though.
Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (3WheelGTi)

wow, it was about 54 yesterday when i drove to dc and back, 400 miles total, temp range for the oil was 200-208, just changed the oil the day before, and as always use mobil 1 15/40. on a real hot day in the summer, in traffic, i will maybe see 228, but not that often
Re: Help!!! High Oil Temps!!! (panic)

Yeah, with Mobil1, LT thermoswitch/t-stat, Autobahn coolant w/WatterWetter, my car never runs hotter than 215 anymore. I'd be concerned if I saw more than 210 in this kind of weather. Normal temp for me is 190-205 max. I know cars w/AC and 16v's run hotter--my friend's '88 used to see 250 with the A/C on.
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