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Help - HORRIBLE tire wear

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I recently purchased a set of Bridgestone RE730 size 205/4017. They now have about 7,500 miles on them and the front pass. side tire is completely bald (no tread at all on inside or outside edges). The front driver side is not quite as bald but still abnormally worn. They were so bad that America's Tire Co wouldn't even rotate them. Both rear tires still look brand new. The the tire tech thought I had those put on in the last month, when in fact all four tire were purchased just 7,500 miles ago.
What could cause such uneven wear? I drive my corrado fairly hard, but don't track event it or anything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the cash to burn through tires like this every 6 months.
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Re: Help - HORRIBLE tire wear (j1o)

This hasn't happened to anyone else?
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Re: Help - HORRIBLE tire wear (j1o)

Sounds like they were severely underinflated to me.
But then I'm not the resident expert here either. However, I can't think of any alignment or suspension issues that would destroy both the inside and outside of a tires' treads.
You may be looking at multiple problems.
Re: Help - HORRIBLE tire wear (j1o)

Check the alignment. Toe and camber may be way off.
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