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Re: Help...I'm stuck in wiring hell! (gtschallenge)

Quote, originally posted by gtschallenge »
I'm in the process of a complete bare chassis rebuild of my 88 GTI 16v race car. I want to eliminate as much of the wiring mess as possible. I plan to stay with the CIS-E, but there seems to be a ton of wiring that I hope to do away with. First, the knock sensor ignition. Can It just be eliminated? Does anyone run MSD ignition?

fwiw you would probably loose some power by yanking the knock box.. If you are staying CIS-E then you have alot of wiring that you are going to leave. I have a mk1 GTI that i stripped of everything and re-wired from scratch, only thing that is there from the stock ignition system is the ICU (its got a knock box from a 16v, but wasnt there stock). Here's a diagram that i had written up to wire it all:

once our car is all said and done we'll probably run it in GTS challenge
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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