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Help! intermittent flashing turn signals on dash

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Checked search and no mention of this problem. Driving home tonight in my wife's Cabrio with lights on and every minute or so both turn signal indicators on the dash would flash twice and then stop. Fiddled with all buttons and stalks but still continued. What are they trying to tell me?
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Re: Help! intermittent flashing turn signals on dash (klaatu47)

Yep, I've had this happen twice so far and it has been posted. Basically what has probably happened is that the flasher unit has gone bad. The flasher units on these cars is behind the emergency flasher button and what probably happened was some drink from the cupholder has gotten down into there. Good luck. I'm sure I'll be heading to the dealer to fix this one eventually. So far it's only done it twice and then fixes itself.
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