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Help - keep getting limp mode

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Hiya I was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I'm having problems with my Gti 1.8T. I keep getting the following error come up (keep clearing with the VAG-COM) 17705 - Pressure drop between throttle body and turbo check DV. I have replaced the staqndard DV with a forge one, check that the hose clips are nice and tight and I still get this error code. It not only happens with my Upsolute chip but also with the standard one as well. I have checked the hose around the DV and they seem to be nice and tight. My car runs fine if I disconnect my MAF sensor though (although I no longer have the Traction Control System)
Has anyone got any ideas?
Many thanks
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Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (marriedblonde)

Maybe a bad MAF sensor???
I don't know....but a free bump for ya!!!!
Good luck
Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (JimJai)

Cheers JimJai
If it was a bad MAF (this is what I thouth it was initally) wouldn;t I get an erropr showing up in the VAG-COM. I had kinda hoped it was gonna be an airleak.
Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (marriedblonde)

When did this first appear? Immediately after installing the aftermarket DV?
While everyone is quick to blame the MAF, I'm not sure it would cause this kind of error.
The MAF measures air mass based on current flow required to heat a wire in the airstream. It doesn't measure pressure drop. If you car seems to run better after disconnecting the MAF, that's because you are probably going open circuit and running rich. If you leave it disconnected for a while, like 50 miles, you'll probably get a rich error.
Apparently, you have a leak somewhere and the ECU is adjusting by putting you in limp mode. Does the aftermarket DV have the same connections as the stock one? (I don't know much about DVs, I'm only trying to analyze the problem.)
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Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (JettaRed)

Hiya JettaRed, the after market DV I am running is a forge unit. I am getting the limp mode even with the stock DV (replaced with a known good one) The connections around the DV seem nice and tight.
Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (marriedblonde)

keep getting limp mode
Hmm.. sounds like a personal problem
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Re: Help - keep getting limp mode (mk4vr6)

check your forge

and make sure you clear all your codes and log off the vagcom correctly when you unplug.
my forge through my car in limp mode non-stop, reinstalled the stock DV, cleared codes and the car has been 95% ever since.
Re: check your forge (golfboost)

what do you mean when you say log off the vag-com. What I normally do is clear my error codes, exit out of the engine section then reenter and re check to make sure they have gone. then I disconnect the vag-com. am I doing something wrong?
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