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2000 vr6 jetta.
it happened once before but went away. happened again last night but i couldn't figure it out.
i turn off the car, turn the light switch off, shut the door and activate the alarm/lock the doors. but the driver's side city light (orange), the driver's side side light (the one most people switch out for clears), and the driver's side tail light (not brake) turn on but not at full power.
i sat in the car for 45 minutes last night messing with the on off switch for the lights with no result.
i finally ended up disconnecting the battery so i wouldn't be drained.
1. what do you guys think the problem is?
2. how long can i leave the battery unhooked for without it causing a problem? will it cause a problem?
only mods are CAI and euroswitch. euroswitch has been working fine for almost a year now. TIA.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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