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Help me blow $500 on a '03 1.8t

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My friend wants me to do some mods to her boyfriends 03 1.8t golf for Christmas. I have about 500 to spend. I figure the biggest gains would be a Intake, chip and an improved blow off / diverter valve.
I know the guy is thinking rice so making the car sound faster is going to be a big part. I figure between the intake and some type of bov / dv, it should have a decent growl and signature turbo whoosh.
I am looking to do the chip myself to keep the down time on the car to a minimum, does anyone sell one that is a simple plug and play installation.
Let me know if I am being realistic here, if so what specific products would you reccomend and where I could get them. Thanks in advance from a mkii 'er out of his element.
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You can't get all that stuff for $500 to start with. A chip alone will cost you $500. As far as plug and play - with APR you can get direct port programming. You find a dealer, and they plug into your car and install the software on the spot. Zero downtime. Or you can mail in your ECU - and it takes 3 days.
WIth $500 to spend - I would get an intake (I recommend Injen) a new DV (FOrge 007) and a 2.5" downpipe (APR or GHL).
Good luck
Re: (sgrassbaugh)

just do the chip
no company offers some device that you can plug and play and do the instal yourself
all offer ecu flashing(no soldering) which is relatively fast... its all going to run your ~$500 bucks.... so you won't have money for other stuff
cai is a waste of money... actually hurts your low end power.... exhaust is good... but you really don't see as much of a benefit on a stock car... so if i were you i'd do it later
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