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My friend wants me to do some mods to her boyfriends 03 1.8t golf for Christmas. I have about 500 to spend. I figure the biggest gains would be a Intake, chip and an improved blow off / diverter valve.
I know the guy is thinking rice so making the car sound faster is going to be a big part. I figure between the intake and some type of bov / dv, it should have a decent growl and signature turbo whoosh.
I am looking to do the chip myself to keep the down time on the car to a minimum, does anyone sell one that is a simple plug and play installation.
Let me know if I am being realistic here, if so what specific products would you reccomend and where I could get them. Thanks in advance from a mkii 'er out of his element.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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