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help me decide on which body kit to buy!!!!!>.....

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sup guys. after breaking my trans, i will be focusing on the appearance of my car now. i need help deciding on which obody kit to get. i am not one who wants a "showy" car.......i would rather have a body kit that would make my car look "aggresive". what body kits are out there that would give my car an "aggresive" appearance? where can i get it and how much? thanks
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Re: help me decide on which body kit to buy!!!!!>..... (1gti2nv)

Id go check 1552design.com.....
You shouldve gotten in on the Oettinger Group buy a while back.. they had some crazy prices... IMO go for either Oettinger or Projectzwo... i dont like anything else.. UNLESS u got money for the exterior conversion to somethin like the Dahlback GTI....
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