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Help me make power.

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I have been posting for months on making my car faster and I have yet to do anything, I am just unsure and pretty inexperienced, I'm just looking for guidance as a first time builder.......
Now for my questions. I have a GIAC and Schrick 260/264 cams.
I want to run a 75 shot wet. Will my knock sensors compensate for the advanced timing??
GIAC makes no N20 chip for the MKIV's, is there any other way to retard timing??

What else can I do?? I was planning on building my motor over the summer so needless to say my piggy bank has grown quite full. I want more power out of my car. Enough to beat a damn chipped and bolt on equipped 1.8t.
edit: I stole tis from another Nitrous thread, user 4sfed4,
"I ran a 100 shot NX wet kit on a 98 VR6 with a Neuspeed chip without any problems."

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