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Help Me Please

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next weekend i have to change the transmission in my 93 vw jetta 8v, i have never done this before one a front wheel drive can, does anyone have any help, a set of instructions would help, do i need any "special" tools.
thanks, joe
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Re: Help Me Please (Bex)

You will need a crazy little metric driver thingy to remove the cv shafts. They can be had at autozone or whatever for like 5 bucks. You'll know what I am talking about when you get under there. Basically all you have to do is remove the clutch cable, shift linkage, starter, and a couple of wires/harnesses here and there. A smart thing to do is have a roll of masking tape handy and whenever you disconect a wire, label it. Once all the connections and the cv shafts are removed from the tranny, out a jack underneath it and start unbolting it. Note: if I remember correctly, the two bolts that hold on the starter run through the tranny to the engine. Anywho, once you have removed all the bolts, get under it and start the hardest part of the job: removing the tranny. For us, it was kinda tough because there is a metal shield thingy that goes in between the tranny and the engine, and it just kept getting in the way. It IS possible to remove the tranny like this, but what a good manual will recommend is putting a jack under the engine, removing the back engine mount and loosening all the other motor mounts, then lowering the engine down a couple inches. This allows you to easily remove the tranny from the engine. You will know what I am talking about when you reach this point. I probably forgot something: if you have any Q's, feel free to email me. Good luck.... BoB
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