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Help Me Please

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next weekend i have to change the transmission in my 93 vw jetta 8v, i have never done this before one a front wheel drive can, does anyone have any help, a set of instructions would help, do i need any "special" tools.
thanks, joe
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Re: Help Me Please (JoeM29)

okay, first thing is to get a haynes repair manual. these guys have EVERYTHING covered. when i replaced my clutch assembly in my '84 jetta it helped me out a great deal to have a reference right there.
second thing...you're going to have to take out your front axles. this is a real pain in the a*s. i had to disconnect my cv joints and everything. but once you get it you feel much better.
third thing, you're going to need a pulley from like your garage roof. something that can hook on to your transmission to lift it out. youre also going to need a special transmission jack to help take it out and put it back in. you can use a regular hydraulic jack but i dont recommend it.
umm..those are the basics. if you really want me to go through a step by step instruction i can, you can email me at [email protected]
if you'd like. or you can just go pick up a haynes repair manual and thumb through it.
good luck with everything.
Keep Driving,
- Amy
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