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HELP ME PLZZZZZZ!!!! BT question

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Okay i went big turbo w/ unitronic tuning everything is hooked up correctly, but i can't get passed 10 vag when i floor it. It feels like my tps is bad but no check engine light and i can rev it out to 7 grand but no boost any inform plzzzz asap. P.s i already used vag com to re-adjust the thottle body-Thanks Kyle
I f you cant explain in writing please call and let me know at 443994 9473

Modified by 20thkyleswan at 9:13 PM 3-13-2006
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Re: HELP ME PLZZZZZZ!!!! BT question (20thkyleswan)

boost leak dude, BTW if your "TPS" was bad youd throw a code immediately. Do you have vagcom or a scanner?
Re: HELP ME PLZZZZZZ!!!! BT question (20thkyleswan)

Can't get past 10 vag what? Type slowly in complete sentences so others can comprehend you. lol
yeah i do have vag com and if ity was a boost leak it would go to aleast 0psi.
i re-did the thottle body alingment and it only open maybe 10%, i think i found my problem.
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