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help me with my scratched rim

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how do i get rid of scratches off my stock gti 17x7 5spoke rim, the scratches are on one of the spokes that is about an 1-2 inches long and there was some scraches on the wheel lip, i scratched it on the curb, stupid me

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Re: help me with my scratched rim (illcookyourrice)

Go to your local auto parts store and find the closest matching touch up paint you can. I just gave my rim a 1" curb rash this week and ended up buying a $3. bottle of Plasticote in silver that was actually for a Honda. The color match is almost perfect. There are many shades of silver so buy 3 or 4 shades and return the ones that aren't a match.
Re: help me with my scratched rim (HK_PREDATOR)

Today i ditch my classes and went to home depot and bought 3 different sand paper ranging from a rough grit to a fine grit (200-400) next was kragen where i bought Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish. Then i proceeded to sand down the scratched parts working from 200 grit sand paper to 400 grit, when the scratches are smooth to the touch i then apply the polish to a terry cloth towel and buffed the rim like there was no 2morrow. I buffed and buffed until i cant see the fine scratches anymore and i could see my reflection, if u have a buffing tool use it. I just repaired my own rim for a total of 20$ in supplies and it looks like it was brand new. Metal shop class in 8th grade finally paid off
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