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HELP! Monsoon specs needed

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Hi all!
So here is the story: I bought Clarion HX-D10 in dash CD deck which has NO internal amp, hoping that it would work with Monsoon amp.
What I hear is that it will not

What are the specs of the Monsoon HU output (voltage)?
What kind of input Monsoon amp needs? Would 4V be okay?
Thanks a lot and pleeez HEEEELP!
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Re: HELP! Monsoon specs needed (ColdFlameGTi)

Seems like this was discussed here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=215919
What it comes to is this (as I understand):
1. I'm screwed

2. Monsoon HU (in dash) does 2/3 of amplification, Monsoon amp (in the trunk) does a little bit of amplification and does cross-over function.
The option is to install an aftermarket amp between my in dash Clarion and Monsoon amp.
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