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Help, my 84 rocco is losing power in 3rd!

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Hey guys, I've got a problem.... my rocco bogs down in 2nd and 3rd gear when I turn higher rpms it sounds like it wants to stall.....
I've got spark, so thats not the problem, and I've:
-Changed the fuel pump relay
-Changed the fuel pump
-Installed new fuel lines
-Cleaned out the air flow sensor plate
-Checked the Air/Fuel mixture
Now where would I go???

I don't have an O2 sensor because I have headers... but it never caused a problem b4... any help would be appreciated
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Re: Help, my 84 rocco is losing power in 3rd! (wolf rocco)

the car has the smaller spare... its not a fullsize.. I changed the fuel pump and the other thing that was right beside it... I had no clue what it was other than it had fuel lines coming from it. I had a spare fuel pump off of an 86 that worked great with the other piece, so I just changed them both.
My next guess is its either the lack of an O2 Sensor or the fuel filter may be clogged...
Re: Help, my 84 rocco is losing power in 3rd! (Scirocco_Clan_Man)

Hey guys, thanks for the trouble shooting... I needed the help.. To conclude this, it was the intank fuel pump, there was no filter on it, so it sucked up all the crap in my tank and clogged the pump... I replaced the pump and got the filter and it runs better than ever. Anyway, since I've got new-found power, I'm gonna go spank some honda's

Thanks guys, you rule!
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Re: Help, my 84 rocco is losing power in 3rd! (wolf rocco)

It took me about 15 mins to remove it from the parts car, and took me about 20 to Remove and install in mine... It runs better then ever now!
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