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help my car won't lock!

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somethings up with my doorlocks can't lock my door using the key from the outside. i took off the door panel to check it out looks like the mechanism is loose or worn out. does anyone know if i can bypass this problem by getting a remote alarm to unlock my door without using a key?? please help me with some answers!

[Modified by 808sCabrio, 5:21 AM 12-1-2001]
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Re: help my car won't lock! (808sCabrio)

is this true from both doors? If not, it may be that the piece at the end of the locking cylinder broke. The part costs 12 bucks, you have to swap cylinder pins though so that the key will work in the new one. Not a hard thing to do. can you describe your problem a bit better?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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