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Hi all,

Traded my Golf R for an RS3 a couple of months back, and have been very happy with my decision. However, at highway speeds (between 75-85) I have this oscillating sound from the rear of the car (seems to be the right rear). Originally, I thought it was a wheel balance issue, so the dealership performed a balance and alignment, but the noise is still present.

More peculiar, the sound seems to stop immediately after I take my foot off the accelerator. So, I am not sure if it's just a resonance in the exhaust, but it seems more like something with the tire/wheels :unsure:. I know the RS3's have wheel bearing issues, but it's not a grinding sound and only occurs at this specific speed range.

It could just be in my head now, but I feel that the steering wheel and driver seat have more vibrations than you would expect from a new car. I have had many performance vehicles and loud exhausts in the past, but something seems off in this case.

I added a sound clip and it's very easy to hear with headphones. Any ideas???

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