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help need re: GLI suspension

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What is the most cost effective mod to tighten up the GLI's suspension? I'm considering getting a GLI but, after several test drives, I'm concerned with the body roll and 'floaty' feel of the ride. I'd rather not spend the $$$ on coilovers. What works on the cheap?
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Re: help need re: GLI suspension (glimaybe)

i own an 84 Jetta GLi with some engine mods (what a rocket!!) i did the Nuespeed Sportsof springs (fair but should have bought the Nuespeed lowering or someone else's spring) KYB shocks/struts (shoulda done the Bilsteins) but the BIGGEST improvment came when i installed the Nuespeed Rear Strut Tie Bar.... that tightened that "brick" right up.... lowering would have even made it better....
on my 95 i went with the Weitec coilovers... and I can say that i do not recommend coilovers for anyone but the techincally advanced, very patient or racers among us -
i say take the plunge.. go for a 1.5" drop, agressive springs and a rear tie bar and you will be stylin... good luck- Sol
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