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Want to know what have I done wrong or what causes vibration from left front suspension on right turns only after installing coil overs on my 2007 B6 estate?

So installed coil overs, lowered the car, front wheels have about 30 mm gap from wheel arch, no other noises or knocks or anything going straight, over bumps or turning left, but when I make right turns, on roundabouts for example (mostly if more steering lock needs applying or the faster I go), and around 30 mph I get this bad vibration, almost feels like the wheel is coming off. The lower it goes the worse the vibration and noise gets and at lower speed too. If I will raise the car by only 10 mm the noise will be gone as tested this. So what could cause this? Drive shaft angle bad when low? Inner CV joint too far in on right turn?

Somewhere I read that anti-roll bar is hitting control arm or drive shaft, but that would leave marks on either of these parts, but no marks what so ever.

Thanks in advance.
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