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Help needed mounting Audi TT wheels

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Hi Gang,
I just got a set of Audi TT wheels with 205-40/17 tires.
Problem is the rear wheel emblem pops off becuase the center part of the hub, I have no idea what it is called, sits farther out on the TT rims and pops the center cap out.
Any idea on how to solve this problem besides trying to pound the grease cap in, not my first or second solution.

Modified by Steve Z1 at 11:47 AM 6-28-2003
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Re: Help needed mounting Audi TT wheels (Steve Z1)

A 5mm spacer would solve your problem.
Re: Help needed mounting Audi TT wheels (Steve Z1)

I thought you sold that 95 C-spec VR6 you had last year? Did you get another C?
Re: Help needed mounting Audi TT wheels (Karma)

yep got a 93 in Satin Silver
Any leads on where to get the spacers?? Tire rack, discount tire?
Re: (vw mofo)

Yup. http://www.parts4vws.com
Potterman always has H&R stuff in stock and you should get it within 1-2 days being in CO.
TT Wheel help cont'd

I agree Mike is a great guy, but has anyone come up with a solution that does not require spacers, the wheels seem to already be out far enough.
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