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HELP!!!! new lifters???

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Hi there guys!!! I want to change the hydraulic lifters in my 1992 1.8 8v GTI and I dont know where to start. I've looked in the archives but that doesnt help much. What else can I change whilst I'm changing the lifters?? (I dont mean a complete overhaul!!) just some cheap other stuff that I can change. I want to do it this weekend. I've got the HAYNES from '84 - '87 but mine is '92. Thanx in advance
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Re: HELP!!!! new lifters??? (BLACK LEGEND II)

Haynes is better than nothing, but when you get a chance, pick up a Bentley manual. The best there is.
About your lifters...they are easy to change, and as for other things to change while in there...you could do a one-piece VC gasket kit, which is $19 at Adirondack, and includes loger studs to put into your head, and the gasket, which is better at sealing than the 3 piece cork/rubber gasket that came on A2s. The one piece gasket is OEM on A3, and I think they quit making the A2 gaskets even, or something like that.
You'll be removing the cam, so you could put in a new cam, if you have the cash. Since the cam is coming out, if it is getting close to being time to replace the timing belt and tensioner, then just go ahead and do them then.
That is about it really...remove the VC nuts, lift the VC off, remove the cam, the lifters will lift straight out, replace with new ones.
Wait 30 minutes. Let the new lifters bleed down before you try to start it. Actually, you can start putting the stuff back together, and by the time you're done, it should be ready.
Put the cam back in, follow the manual for removing them in the right order and keeping the individual bearing caps apart, and gputting them back in the same spot they came from, and torquing them correctly.
Put the VC back on, make sure the timing didn't move if you tried to hold the belt on the gear, or put it back into time if you just removed the timing belt, and put the rest of the stuff back together, then if it has been 30 minutes, fire it up.
You should be done!
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Re: HELP!!!! new lifters??? (Broke)

Thanx a million 4 u'r help.
Re: HELP!!!! new lifters??? (Broke)

quote:[HR][/HR]The one piece gasket is OEM on A3[HR][/HR]​
does this mean i could pick up a rubber gasket for the 1.8l 8V Golf CL and it'll fit on my 1.8l 8V digifant engine?? i heard a while back that i had to get a rubber gasket from a 1.8l G60. will either work? thanks.
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