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HELP! Oil filter cover!

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I'm trying to change my oil on my VR6, but the filter cover doesn't seem to want to come off...
I bought a filter cover remover piece from Pep Boys, but it doesn't fit! they say it fits, but the "nut" that protrudes from the bottom is too big for the remover...
I can't get it to come off w/ wrenches and whatnot, and don't have a socket big enough!
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Re: HELP! Oil filter cover! (92BlkSLC)

channel locks...big ones. squeeze really hard!
Re: HELP! Oil filter cover! (JediCorrado)

Well, sounded like a good idea... but... I broke the filter cover... now I need a new one
Re: HELP! Oil filter cover! (92BlkSLC)

I wouldnt use channel locks, or even a big socket. Use a filter wrench - the kind that are metal bands that wrap around the housing, then you twist them and it comes right off. Those filter housings suck.
92 SLC
PS. Sorry about the late info
Re: HELP! Oil filter cover! (92BlkSLC)

I went out and bought a socket large enough for the bottom. No hassels.
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