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HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?!

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i have a 2.0 16v and i just put on my rebuilt 1.8 16v head ported and matched and polished. i took it for a drive and it F$cking sucks. its gut-less. my buddy w/ a 2.0 16v w/ port and matched 2.0 head and exaust i used to be able to keep up but he whooped me tonight...... and he whooped me bad... so what is the deal here??? do i have TOO much flow now?? or now that i have all this air flowing in is my exaust restricting it alot? or is my air fuel mix off??? is it running lean???? help me out guys......
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Re: HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?! (vwimusic)

could be a few things :
who did the headwork ??
do they know what they're doing ?? they could have lost the "swirl"
is it mechanically timed right ??
have you fitted a vernier ?? tall-block puts timing out slightly , and 1 notch on pulley = about 9degree out !!
are cams i sync ??
have you put it together right ??
is everything there ??
all vac hoses tight ??
no leaks on inlet ??
could be any number of things really , better get it on a gas analyser , see whats going on

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Re: HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?! (vwimusic)

ditto to what Ian mentioned. I recently have a 3 angle valve job and chambers cc'd on my 1.8head and have not issues.
Cover the basics and make sure everthing is sound, check grounds, vacuum lines, injectors and fuel delivery, injector o-rings, etc. Have the mixture & timing specs set to stock and go from there.
good luck.
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