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HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?!

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i have a 2.0 16v and i just put on my rebuilt 1.8 16v head ported and matched and polished. i took it for a drive and it F$cking sucks. its gut-less. my buddy w/ a 2.0 16v w/ port and matched 2.0 head and exaust i used to be able to keep up but he whooped me tonight...... and he whooped me bad... so what is the deal here??? do i have TOO much flow now?? or now that i have all this air flowing in is my exaust restricting it alot? or is my air fuel mix off??? is it running lean???? help me out guys......
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Re: HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?! (vwimusic)

Porting and Polishing is an art, a bad job can make you loose hp (like you mentionned). I think you should bring your head to a professionnal to see if it can be saved... but I doubt it.
Good luck...

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Re: HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?! (vwimusic)

before jumping the gun i'd be sure that everything is tuned properly! is the mixture set? is the throttle cable adjusted correctly, in other words are you getting full throttle?
of course the bad news is, as stated already, a shotty P&P job can be disasterous... but check everything else first!!
Re: HELP!!!!P&P lost my HP?!?!?!?! (Mk2Scirocco16v)

Can you say cam timing?
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